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Fire Service

Promotional Examinations


Command Solutions offers many beneficial services to the Fire and EMS Agencies across the Midwest. Our Instructors and Consultants have more than 120 years of professional fire service training and experience. All of our Fire Service Consultants and Instructors have served as Chief Officers and Training Officers for at least 10 years before retiring. We are proud to be able to provide the following programs to our Fire Service Clients

Fire Service Promotional Examination Modules

  • In / Out basket daily work flow exercise
  • Written promotional examinations for:
    • Lieutenant
    • Captain
    • Battalion Chief
    • Fire Chief
  • Incident Command Tabletop Exercise
  • BPAD – Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device


Working within the client departments parameters for promotional processes, we professionally develop a series of four examination modules that provides absolute impartiality for all candidates. As a third party outside provider, we ensure absolute security and control over all examination materials throughout the entire promotional process. Our staff provides complete design, preparation, and facilitation of each of the four Modules, and does not score or evaluate the candidates in any way.


The Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device (BPAD) is a video scenario driven oral interview process that allows the candidate to simulate his or her participation in a fire service related scenario, and demonstrate their management and leadership skills pertaining to each individual scenario.

The Incident Command Tabletop Exercise provides the candidate the opportunity to display their on scene incident command and resource management skills.  Candidates are presented with a pre-scripted emergency incident (structure fire, vehicle accident, mass casualty, or haz-mat incident) both on a miniature scale model display board, and on a video simulation screen.  The candidate assumes the position of incident commander, and is given a specified time limit in which to effectively demonstrate their incident command, and resource management knowledge and skills before a panel of evaluators.

Written Examinations are geared to the level of the promotional process designated.  Command Solutions develops the written test questions from either reference materials specified by the individual department, or from a variety of current nationally recognized fire service training manuals, standards, guidelines, policies, procedures and best practices. Test banks are retained by Command Solutions to ensure absolute security and integrity.

The In /Out basket work flow exercise provides the candidate with the opportunity to exhibit their work flow habits and ability to prioritize assigned tasks.  A series of assignments typical of the position being tested for are presented to the candidate that requires them to be prioritized and adjusted as needed to achieve completion.  Evaluators determine how effective the candidate performed in delegation and adjusting the order and prioritization of the assigned tasks.