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How would a disaster impact your business?  Do you consider yourself prepared?

Disasters can come in many forms – fire, major storm, flooding, or a prolonged electrical outage.  According to the American Red Cross, up to 40% of businesses fail following a natural or man-made disaster.  Typically, these failures are due to the inability of the business to quickly and effectively bring their organization back online.  They experience a significant business interruption and when the business stops operations they can lose customers, sales, employees, suppliers, and can even lose their business.


Every organization, regardless of size, should have a Business Continuity Plan.  The purpose of this plan is to get the business back in operation as quickly as possible after a disaster or business interruption occurs.  A good business continuity plan should include:

• Risk Assessment
• Business Impact Analysis
• System Redundancy
• Data Backup Plan
• Recovery Plan
• Incident Response Procedures

Developing a solid business continuity plan is difficult enough for large businesses, but what about smaller organizations that have less staff and resources?  Business continuity planning in a small or
mid-size company can be extremely challenging, especially from the perspectives of time, money and resources.

Command Solutions LLC can assist you to assess your risks and work with you to customize a business continuity plan that is tailored to your situation, the company’s existing technology, business processes, and your environment.  We will help you prepare to get your business up and running quickly in the event of a disaster.

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