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Online Training Available soon

Command-Solutions has been providing quality emergency response, preparedness and planning to companies, businesses, agencies, organizations, and institutions for over four years now.  Our in class room presentations are dynamic, engaging, up to date, relevant, and best of all, based upon real life events.  We bring a level of awareness and experience that no other such provider can bring.

We are now in the process of launching a series of Online, On demand training classes for Child Care workers in Missouri, and soon to Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska and beyond.  We will also offer many other types of Emergency Preparedness and safety courses for all industries, and even for families.  These will be a combination of Online, On Demand, and Scheduled Workshops, Lectures, Presentations, and Classroom learning events.  Subject matter will encompass all areas related to Emergency Preparedness, Response, Mitigation, and Recovery.

Stay tuned to Command-Solutions for the most up to date information, and to register for these outstanding learning opportunities.  Just watch the news any day and you can see that the world is becoming even more dangerous than the day before. No one can be TOO prepared to respond or manage their own safety and survival.  Command-Solutions can help you to better understand and identify these threats, and help you to formulate a plan for response and survival.  Families, Businesses, Schools, Institutions, Churches, Companies, Industries and Government Agencies all need to take actions right now.  The first action is to educate yourself and those around you.  Knowledge is Power.  In today’s world, the POWER to Survive.  Let Command-Solutions help you get started.