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The Great Shake Out is Here, Are You Ready?

It could happen at any time.  We just don’t know exactly when, but we do know where.  From the Bootheel of Missouri, and radiating in all directions, St. Louis is certainly in the hazard area.  The great shake out is a state wide exercise and reminder to get prepared.

Command Solutions has specific classes that we can provide to your neighborhood, groups, organizations, churches and civic organizations.  We have responded to, and been in command of many natural disasters during our careers as Firefighters and Fire Chiefs.  We can offer a real world perspective on what things might be like if the “big one” was ever to strike our area.   We can help you and your family to SURVIVE!    If you are interested in a class, call us at 314-409-5304   or   314-803-7418.


Click the link below for more great information about the Great Shake Out.