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Providing Up to date, practical, and proven Emergency Management services to our clients is our highest priority.  We feel that the more each business can do to help manage any emergency, crisis, or disaster that occurs, the chances are better that  the company or organization will survive, and have a much faster recovery period.
Our Emergency Management program offers our clients various training options that can help them to more effectively manage an emergency or disaster situation. Disaster and emergency response and recovery actions should be a key component in every Business Continuity Plan, but in truth are largely inadequate or not even present.  The impact of a serious business interruption from a natural or manmade disaster, or emergency upon a business or organization can be quite significant.  Having the resources trained and ready to immediately respond has been shown to save lives, limit losses, and help improve the recovery time objective.
Our mission is to train Administrators, Managers, and Staff Members from any size and type of business or organization how to effectively prepare for, safely respond to, and recover from a situation of any magnitude.
Our clients include public and private businesses of all size and industry, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. We have provided training for administrators and teachers on public school campuses, in early childhood centers, and in government agencies. Our training follows N.F.P.A., F.E.M.A, & O.S.H.A. Standards and Guidelines. Our interactive training programs are engaging and often times include hands-on involvement.  Our instructors are highly qualified emergency response professionals with more than 30 years of experience and training. There is no one better to learn these valuable response skills from.

Our Emergency Management Programs include:

Emergency Evacuation, Relocation and Accountability Techniques

Fire Prevention, Fire Safety, and Firefighting Tools and Techniques

Light Search and Rescue Safety, Training and Techniques

Incident Command Systems Training and ICS Team Development

Crisis Management Training for Supervisors and Administrators

Hazardous Materials and Chemical Leaks Awareness and Safety

CPR - AED, Emergency First Aid, and Blood borne Pathogen Training

Emergency Utility Shut Off Procedures, Lock Out / Tag Out Skills

Damage Assessment, Scene Safety and Crowd Control Techniques