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Are you prepared for an Emergency?

Disaster can strike your business or home anywhere, anytime.


Natural disasters and man-made events don't give you any advanced warning,
so you must plan ahead and be ready for anything if you want your businesses to survive.
We can help your business or organization plan for, respond to, and recover
from any type of Disaster, Emergency, or Business Interruption.

"Those who fail to plan, are planning to fail."

Winston Churchill


Emergency Planning

Emergency Planning is a multi step process that builds the foundation to ensure the survival of your business.  To be effective, an Emergency Plan will be written from an "All Hazards" approach that considers a multitude of events and situations that could threaten your business. Command-Solutions staff members have many years of extensive all hazards response and command experience.  Click read more to see how our Emergency Planning Program will serve your business best.

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Crisis Response Training

Proper emergency planning will include several elements of how different groups within your company or organization will "act" or respond to a threat or business crisis when it occurs.  We we manage this by providing Crisis Response Training to your staff.  From the top stakeholder, down to the newest employee, everyone can make a contribution to helping manage the crisis and helping the business survive.  We are experts at training adults how to not only cope, but to respond and take meaningful action during a crisis or emergency situation.  Contact Us for more information.

Exercises and Evaluations

This is the most prevalent weakness that we find in a great many of our clients emergency planning documents.  Simply having "a plan" printed out and in a binder on a supervisors desk does no one any good, and is a huge indicator that they are not prepared at all.  Although listed third in our media information, Exercising and Evaluating how effective your plan actually is will be the most important emergency preparedness actions that your business or company will ever take.  Our experts have conducted many exercises with our customers, and all have been rated very highly as being engaging, stimulating and even fun by some. Contact Us to find out how we can plan an exercise for your business or organization.